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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make an account/ register with AKCAPITALTRADE?

    For registration please visit our registration / create account button on the top right of the home page.

  • Is it free to register with AKCAPITALTRADE?

    Yes it is completely free to register with AKCAPITALTRADE.

  • What if I forget my password?

    Please click the ‘forgot your password’ link and follow the guided steps. If it does not work out, please contact our customer support team online.

  • I cannot open my account. What do I do?

    Sometimes there is an internet connectivity or server issue. Please do not worry. Contact our online support team in case you are not able to access your account.

  • What payment options does AKCAPITALTRADE accept?

    AKCAPITALTRADE accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

  • How can I withdraw my funds?

    To withdraw your funds, open your member panel and click on "Withdraw" . Please make sure that you have entered your receiving processor account in Wallet accounts in Edit profile page before requesting withdrawal.

  • Are my funds safe with AKCAPITALTRADE?

    Yes, AKCAPITALTRADE is a licensed company under the company number 12335527. You may verify the company status at https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/12335527

  • Where do I receive my profit?

    Your profit is added in your AKCAPITALTRADE account. You can withdraw your funds from AKCAPITALTRADE whenever you want.

  • What is the minimum deposit limit?

    The minimum limit to invest with AKCAPITALTRADE is 20 USD.

  • What is the maximum deposit limit?

    The maximum deposit limit is 15000 USD.

  • What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

    You can withdraw at least 0.5 USD for Perfect Money, Payeer and 5 USD for BTC, LTC, BCH.

  • What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from my account?

    You can withdraw 5000 USD per day from your account.

  • What is an Affiliate program?

    An affiliate program is a program where you earn profit for every new referral you make to AKCAPITALTRADE. In simple terms, we pay you a percentage of profit to you for as many new clients you bring to us. This program has 3 levels. This means that you will receive a 5% from the deposits of your 1st Level, 1% from your 2nd and 3rd Level .

  • How many affiliate programs are there at AKCAPITALTRADE?

    AKCAPITALTRADE currently offers 2 different affiliate programs, namely the Referral and Representative programs. Both programs has 3 levels of profit.

  • How can I become a representative?

    To become representative, you must have an active account with AKCAPITALTRADE. You can start sending your referral link to your friends circle and everywhere and you will receive a 6% from the deposits of your 1st Level, 2% from your 2nd Level and 1% from your 3rd Level.

  • How do I promote AKCAPITALTRADE?

    You can spread your referral link to your friends circle, family and everywhere. Please visit the banners page in your member panel and get a banner.

  • How do I contact AKCAPITALTRADE online support team?

    Please visit the contact us page and drop your queries with us or you can create a ticket - https://AKCAPITALTRADE.io/new_ticket. Our team will get back to you shortly.