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AKCAPITALTRADE is a financial company that deals with multiple investment opportunities that may suit your budget. Our focus is on foreign exchange markets and we find the opportunities to make the most out of it. We offer investment prospects that promise easy to enroll investment plans, on-time returns, and a realistic percentage of profits on your premium.

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About The Company

AKCAPITALTRADE LIMITED Is an investment company, Ventured Into Cryptocurrency in 23 June 2017, And the Registered Head Office Address Located In 130 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9BD Founded By Commercial Traders With Eight Years Experience Of Successful Activity In The Forex Market, As Well As Cryptocurrency Exchanges . Since Our Team Develops Its Own Strategies Of Trading And Currency Exchange Applying All Professional Knowledge, Techniques And Skills That Allow Us To Generate Stable Cash Flows With Minimal Risk Of Financial Loss. Akcapitaltrade.com Is Also Committed To Provide The World Best Class Trading Experience To Our Investors And Making Sure It All Correspond To The Guidelines Set By Our Management And Also Make Provision To An Instant Profit Into The Clients Bitcoin Address Provided During Withdrawals . We offers Our Investors Only One Plan, So You Don't Have Any Problems Choosing. We Are Ready To Cooperate With Online Investors From All Over The World In This Promising And Beneficial Field. Akcapitaltrade.com Gives you 4% Interest Of Your Investments Daily For 5days Both Weekends , Weekdays And Holidays. We Also Combine The Disciplines Of Strategy And Finance Into An Integrated Approach To Accumulate Our Investors Grow The Long-Term Value Of Their Investments.

“Our mission is to create investment opportunities for better financial management and long term economic benefits to be reaped by individuals and institutions alike.”

We do not promise unrealistic gains or quick long term financial success. But we offer instant payment of profits on daily basis, easy investment plans and option to opt out of your plan when you no longer feel the need of it. ( Can people opt out of a plan at any time? Please verify this detail here) (Company details follow as it is)

Company Details

  • Company Number 10834652
  • Company Director: Robert Anthony Rowland
  • Company Address: 130 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9BD
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Skilled FinancialManagement

We are a team of prudent financial managers who look for opportunities that minimize risks, and provide high returns on Investments which makes us able to offer good payouts to our clients.

DDoS Security

Data security is everything in financial markets. We offer complete DDOS protection to all our customers. The privacy and confidentiality of your financial data is primary to us.

Licensed Entity

We are a registered financial management company in UK and our company number is 10834652. We are based in UK but invite clients from all over the world to be a part of us.

Investment Plans

Our investment plans vary in premium and pay outs which makes them well-tailored to suit your budget and requirements. Please visit them to find the plan that best serves you.

Investment Packages

AKCAPITALTRADE is focused on the forex market reaping the potential benefits out of this ever-changing world. We try to diversify our portfolio of investments every now and then and aim to minimize the risks involved while maximizing the returns we gain. Currently we offer four investment plans.

Each of our investment plan is designed to serve the different level of investor and investment. We cater to both small to large investments by offering multiple investment plans with varied premiums and profit percentages. Calculate your profit according to the plan you choose below.

Basic Plan
Invest Now Principal Included
  • Amount range: $150 - No Limit
  • Plan Duration: 5 Days
  • Total Profit: 115%

Recent Transactions

Find out below how clients have benefited from our financial management and earned the pay outs over their premiums on-time and as promised.

Last 10 Deposits
  • Truong_Tinh $1200.00
  • casino $200.00
  • Sophiazimmer $680.00
  • Carzola212 $2500.00
  • Emmanuel_Runtown $100.00
Last 10 Withdrawals
  • Rossi $25000.00
  • Hamzah $2000.00
  • Susanto $2500.00
  • Salim $3700.00
  • Salim $300.00

Affiliate Programs

Our affiliate program is our way to increase our investor’s fraternity through references. This makes it easier for all the stake holders to ensure the validity/authenticity of each other. Currently, we offer the following two affiliate programs.

Referral Programs

Refer us to a friend, or acquaintance and help them earn profits as well. In response, we pay you the percentage of each referral accordingly.

  • 3

    % Level 1

Representative Programs

To become representative, you must have an active account with us. Apply for becoming a representative and enjoy the added percentage of profits in your share.

  • 6

    % Level 1
  • 2

    % Level 2
  • 1

    % Level 3